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Discovering Nature's Haven Azores

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Nestled within the Atlantic's embrace, the Azores emerge as a vibrant community of nine unique personalities, each island boasting its own distinct charm. Towering peaks, veiled in gentle mist, stand as proud guardians over lush valleys and serene crater lakes, while a rich tapestry of life thrives in the temperate climate. Along the rugged shores, hidden coves beckon with whispers of adventure, while charming villages, steeped in tradition, extend warm embraces to all who wander their cobblestone streets. Here, outdoor enthusiasts find solace in hiking trails that wind through ancient landscapes, or in the thrill of encountering majestic whales and diving into the depths of crystal-clear waters. In this remote haven, nature reveals its secrets, inviting travelers to embrace its untouched beauty and bask in its endless wonder.

On arrival in Azores you will spend 7 nights in a well-reviewed centrally located hotel including a fabulous breakfast to start your day.Discover the heart of the Azores through its captivating natural wonders. Explore the mystical Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel, where twin lakes mirror the sky's hues. Feel the majestic presence of Mount Pico on Pico Island, standing tall as Portugal's highest peak. Terceira's charming UNESCO-listed Angra do Heroísmo invites you to stroll through history, while Faial's Capelinhos volcano humbles with its reminder of nature's raw power. These iconic sites weave the tapestry of the Azores' irresistible allure.



Sao Miguel Park Hotel

Sao Miguel Island - Porto Degada, Azores, Portugal

Bed and Breakfast | Double Room

Escape to the stunning Azores and discover the São Miguel Park Hotel, your family's perfect getaway. With expansive leisure areas, both indoor and outdoor pools, and a special play area for kids, our hotel guarantees endless fun for everyone. Wake up to breathtaking views of Ponta Delgada from our spacious rooms, where you'll feel right at home. What truly makes us stand out is our dedication to providing authentic Azorean hospitality. Every guest is warmly welcomed and cared for, ensuring a memorable stay. Whether you're relaxing poolside, exploring the city, or simply spending time with your loved ones, the São Miguel Park Hotel offers an unforgettable holiday experience filled with comfort, warmth, and cherished memories.


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What's Included

  • Round-trip airfare to Azores from various US Airports
  • 7 Nights at the Sao Miguel Park Hotel
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Air and hotel taxes **please note that Tourist Tax or Resort Fees are not included.**
  • Please note, you will receive final confirmation for flights and accommodations within 72 hours of booking this deal. You will receive your itinerary for any tours or activities 14 days prior to departure.

Vacation Highlights

  • Dive into the depths of crystal-clear waters.
  • Embrace the untouched beauty of the Azores endless wonder.
  • Explore the mystical Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel.
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